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In a market flooded with impersonal transactions and missed connections, one individual saw not just a gap but an opportunity. This was the foundation upon which Jama Logistics was built: a commitment to bringing back the essence of genuine customer service to the logistics sector.



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How We Started

It all started when Jama observed a recurring issue: many logistics companies were all about the cargo and little about the client. In 2019, Jama Logistics emerged with a clear objective – not just to transport goods, but to also cultivate trust and genuine rapport with our clients.

Jama Logistics Truck
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Where We Are Now

Now, in the vast landscape of the UK logistics scene, Jama Logistics shines distinctively. It’s not merely our efficient delivery system or extensive network that sets us apart. It’s our commitment to understanding and valuing every customer’s unique needs. We believe in doing more than just deliveries; we build lasting relationships.

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Where We Are Going

Growth is on the horizon, and we will embrace the changes to come. As we expand and innovate, one thing remains unchanged: our unwavering focus on the customer. Join us on this exciting journey as we push boundaries in logistics while keeping the human touch alive.

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